Saturday, June 28, 2014

Team B is writing to you all the way from Kampala!

We left Child Voice International on Thursday, June 19th; we stayed at Hope Alive in Gulu from the 19th through the morning of the 23rd.  Hope Alive is an organization that helps sponsor the children of the surrounding community so that they might receive an education and be mentored by members of the staff and other volunteers. Most of these children are orphans under the guardianship of extended family members.

While at Hope Alive, the team was able to plan and participate in a full day of ministry with youth from 5 to 18 years of age. We taught the different age groups lessons from the bible, worshipped, and played exciting games! That night, we were able to do hut-to-hut evangelism to get to know the children and their guardians and to pray and encourage them. On Sunday, June 22nd, our team split into 3 groups to lead services at three different churches in the area. It is wonderful to experience worshipping God in a different cultural context! Overall, we quickly connected with the staff, the children, and the community and built great relationships.

Team B has been in Kampala for the past 5 days now; time is flying! Our team has again split into 3 different groups working at 3 different ministry sites. Some spend their mornings at Miles2Smiles, a daycare with over 70 children whose parents sought an alternative to taking their children to work with them in the market places. Others go to Great Army Church, an inexpensive primary school in a nearby slum; this group teaches various subjects to P1 through P5. The remaining group spends their morning at Thread of Life, teaching English to adults that will help them in their occupations and everyday lives. We've spent our afternoons and evenings together as a team, learning and growing as a group. We've listened to each other's testimonies of how and where we've grown up and how God has worked and continues to work in our lives. It has been awesome to share and learn more about one another.

Yesterday, we were able to visit Mulago Hospital and pray for healing for the patients. This is a government-owned hospital, and the conditions that the people have to face are heartbreaking. Some have gone days without eating, while others haven't received medical attention in days. We were able to share the love and hope of God with the patients and their families, though, and witnessed the power of the Lord as we prayed, encouraged, and saw some healed or at least relieved of some pain.

Everyone from Team B says hi! We've each expressed that we miss our families and friends a lot. Please continue praying for us, as we have roughly 7 days left in Uganda! Pray that we will continue to be fully present and free from distractions; especially the prospect of being home soon. Also, continue to pray for safe travels and good health for both Team B and Team A! God has been doing amazing things in Uganda; in the communities and in us! He's truly alive. Thank you for the prayers. We love you and will see you soon.

Written by Kristen and LaQruishia, on behalf of Team B

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