Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Changing Places

Our team A has served for the past days with Hope Alive, a child sponsorship site in the Gulu area.  Today they are helping in an understaffed school, then having an assembly at the end of the day with students.  They will share with these young students a motivation to remain in school - some of the most profound testimonies coming from our Ugandan University partners as they have stories about persevering that have inspired us all.  They have experienced life in a rural community, planting cassava, doing their laundry in buckets on the grass, and living in two small rooms side by side on mattresses on the floor.

After a reunion and mid-tern debrief with both teams A and B together tomorrow - we switch places and team B will go to Hope Alive then on to Kampala and team A will go to Child Voice.  At the debrief, a highlight is always the transferring of these placements as students entrust their counterparts with the relationships and the ministry they have become a part of and attached to.

Your prayers for a thoughtful and for a restful debrief are welcomed.  This day and a half is a chance to step away and ask God what He is teaching us.  The highlight is a half day retreat at a beautiful site in the Lukodi area called Fort Patiko - the location at which the Muslim slave trade into Uganda was halted by Samuel Baker.

I'll post this - as our internet is touchy - then try to upload some photos of life these days for you.  Blessings to everyone and greetings to family and friends from our students!

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