Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 15 Update

From Tom Brink

Nancy and I just arrived home from Uganda this afternoon and knew the first thing we needed to do was to post something for many who have been wondering about their friends, sons and daughters.
(ie Internet is still hard to come by in the places we travel in Uganda)

Here is a post from the northern team from Gulu written last week:
written by Kristen and Miki
This Team includes:  Josh, Tina, Miki, Kristen, Megan, Andre, Jeremy, Rebecca, LaQruishia, Jeff and Wes.

"Hello family and friends,
Greetings from Team B!  We have been at Child Voice International in Lukodi for about 5 days. (this was on June 10)  ON our first day of travel (June 5) it took us 9 hours to travel on bus and along the way we saw spider monkeys, bamboo, and the beautiful River Nile.  We have spent the past few days getting settled into our huts, spending time with the 19 girls and their children currently at CVI, and discovering everything that God is doing here.  Not long ago, this land was dominated by an atrocious war - yet God has brought restorations not only to the very land where we are staying, but also to the people who were deeply affected.  The Lord continues to bless CVI and provide many girls and children with peace, healing, and individual restoration.

On Sunday it was our day at Lukodi Community Church and our team led the service and worshipped our Lord in various languages.  One of our Acholi sisters currently in the CVI program gave her life to the Lord and we also had the privilege of meeting a former CVI student and hearing her testimony of God's work in her life since graduating from the program.  Its a blessing to experience and share God's love, grace, healing, and mercy in this place as He transcends countless cultural barriers.

We have a busy week ahead filled with manuel labor, teaching opportunities, many times of prayer and worship and an upcoming visit to the Sudanese the refugee camp in northern Uganda. (they did this June 11).  Our free time is often spent learning Acholi, doing our laundry, playing with the children, and sharing life with one another on the team and at CVI.  Please pray for our team that God would continue to provide us strength, that we would be a united body in Christ, and that we would humbly bring glory and honor to His Kingdom.

God is good.  Lubanga ber (Acholi)

Added by Tom
Later in the week they did community outreach to 3 a blind man and another man who was lame.

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