Friday, July 4, 2014

A quick note from our debrief site just outside Kampala called Banana Village.  We are comfortable, a little sad to have left our Ugandan partners this morning (July 4) and are now turning our thoughts toward home.  Pray for the seeds of conviction, courage and compassion to take root and grow in the soil of our hearts at home as we spend this time reflecting and debriefing for a couple days.
We are safe here and keeping an eye and ear out for any issues but there has been no unrest or added concern at this time here and things are calm.  We will be prayerfully safe and wise and trust our hosts to help us do so.
We do leave on Sunday about 3 and make our way through Dubai then on to Boston, arriving about 2:45 in the afternoon on the 7th.  We will be looking forward to seeing you all, having some special treats on the way home (many are talking ice cream, burgers, diet coke and such) - but the warning is to go s-l-o-w!
This has been a deep and meaningful time and the relationships and stories are significant.  We look forward to sharing them with you.
If we can get internet access tomorrow we will try to post a few photos - but for now this will be the best I can do with the limited service.  Susie on behalf of the team of terrific students and staff!