Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Greetings from Team A as we serve in the Gulu area at Hope Alive, a child sponsorship and empowerment organization.  We are living rural and getting to know each other even better (comes from being side by side on the floor on mattresses and many late night talks).   Sharing life with our Ugandan partners is as important as ministry and curriculum and God is richly blessing relationships here.  Tomorrow we all meet up, both Team A and Team B for a day and a half mid-term debrief.  We are all pretty excited to see each other and looking forward to coming together at a place away from our ministry sites.
I will let some more of the photos tell the story for you and let family and friends know that we are all well (with a couple minor colds and sniffles) and working hard.  We sing every night, have taught in schools, planted crops and have enjoyed deep philosophical talks over a basin of laundry and dirty clothes!

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  1. Love you guys :) God, I pray that their eyes, ears and hearts would be open to your voice, speaking to them in the exciting, fun, and challenging times ahead. I pray for their cross-cultural relationships and I pray for their health. I also pray for grace with insects.

    God bless,